Moving and Handling

How children learn to move with confidence, imagination and safety, with an awareness of space, themselves and others. The ways in which children use a range of small and large equipment.


Health and Self Care

How children learn the importance of keeping healthy and the factors that contribute to maintaining their health. Managing their own basic hygiene and personal needs, including dressing and going to the toilet independently.


Activities to do at Home:


•Encourage your child to handle small and large equipment.

•Let your child help you when tidying up around the house.

•Allow your child to use scissors and develop their skills.

•Allow your child to run, hop, skip, jump and find different ways of travelling.

•Play games such as follow the leader and change actions to develop motor skills and coordination.

•Discuss changes to their bodies after exercise; heart beating faster, feeling hot etc.

•Participate in cooking activities together, or make play dough.

•Discuss ways in keeping healthy and safe.

•Talk about healthy foods and the importance of exercise. 

•Ensure that your child is able to go to the toilet unaided.

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